How to Keep a Promise?

Answer Is promising to do a friend's homework something you will keep?Promises are one of the things that make the world go round! They allow loans to be made, stock to be stocked, workers to work; they p... Read More »

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Will you promise me to take care of your selves?

Now you wait a minute there! You can't leave - what you do here is valuable too. Every time someone googles a question about this sort of thing, they are likely to come up with an answer that you p... Read More »

What is a promise to pay agreement?

A promissory note is another name for a promise to pay agreement. The purpose of a promise to pay agreement is to secure a loan between the lender and borrower. This written agreement consists of t... Read More »

What does a promise ring really mean?

On One Hand: To Be FaithfulPromise rings are popular ways to pledge devotion. Young people--particularly those too young to marry or not ready to become officially engaged--tend to use these rings ... Read More »

How to Buy a Promise Ring?