What is a promise to pay agreement?

Answer A promissory note is another name for a promise to pay agreement. The purpose of a promise to pay agreement is to secure a loan between the lender and borrower. This written agreement consists of t... Read More »

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What Do Promise Rings Look Like ?

Promise rings are very popular these days. A promise ring is exchanged between a couple to express commitment to the relationship prior to engagement. Promise rings made of gold, sterling silver or... Read More »

What is your promise ring finger?

What hand do you wear a promise ring on?

If the promise ring was given as a commitment to marriage in the future, it should be worn on the left hand engagement finger until it is replaced by an engagement ring. This is also true if the ri... Read More »

What does Don Quixote promise Sancho Panza?

he promises him he will become the governor of his own island