How to set precision in C?

Answer The problem is in the line:average = p/10;p is an int and 10 is an int, so it does integer division which rounds down (really truncates), which is why you are getting 38 from 38.5. You need to mak... Read More »

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How to Calculate Precision?

In the fields of math and science, the words accuracy and precision have more than a colloquial meaning. Accuracy and precision tend to be used synonymously, but they are separate ideas. Accuracy i... Read More »

What does the precision on scales mean?

When referring to scales, "precision" is the total number of digits that a scale registers on both sides of a decimal point. The number of digits on the right side of the decimal point is the scale... Read More »

How to Do a Men's Precision Haircut?

Men's haircuts tend to be simple. It's mostly a matter of getting the hair to be even all the way around and removing any uneven sections of hair, unless that unevenness is there for a reason. Men'... Read More »

How to Do Precision in Parkour?

Precision in parkour is jumping (commonly from a standing position) from one object to another (e.g. from a car top to a fence rail). The end goal of a precision is to land on and stay on the objec... Read More »