What does potable water mean?

Answer Potable water is water that is safe to drink and is free of dangerous organisms, impurities and pollution. The safety of drinking water in the U.S. is ensured by national law under the Safe Drinkin... Read More »

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How to Make Potable Water From the Humidity in the Air?

In rain-starved parts of the world, every drop of water counts -- and that includes the water forming the humidity in the air. When people first noticed the dew that collects on spider webs in the ... Read More »

I'm looking for the cheapest place to buy potable dvd players?

" Potable" means safe for drinking. I never heard of one of those!

How to Make Water Potable with Stone Age Technology?

Drinkable water is not always available if you find yourself in a bad situation. Luckily, it's not outrageously difficult to make a filter that will take out most of what you don't want to get into... Read More »

Is it advisable to filter potable water before consuming?

It is not advisable to filter the potable water before consuming because the definition of potable water indicates that the water is safe for drinking. It does not contain any pollutants or impurit... Read More »