What Is the Meaning of Platonic?

Answer Greek philosopher Plato is considered by many to be one of the greatest minds in ancient times. During his lifetime he wrote on many topics including ethics, philosophy, psychology. His most widel... Read More »

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How to Understand Platonic Love and Friendship?

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How to Ask and Get a Girl's Number for Platonic Reasons?

You like this girl and you want to get to know her. How do you get her phone number without making her think you want her to be your new girlfriend?

Is having a platonic love for children pedophile?

No, pedophilia is when you begin taking a sexual interest in a child.

How to Meet New Platonic Friends As an Adult?

Even if you've already found the perfect romantic relationship, you still need friends. When you're a kid, it's easy. You go to school, and instantly, you know where your friends are. When you're a... Read More »