What is the definition of pesticides mean?

Answer a substance that kills a pest

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What do pesticides consist of?

Vietnamese coriander - rau ram - is a tropical perennial and needs to be planted out after danger of frost. To carry it over from year to year move it indoors to a sunny location or a heated greenh... Read More »

What are the kinds of pesticides?

the 3 kinds of pesticides are synthetic,solvent and solute.

What Are the Benefits of Herbicides & Pesticides?

Herbicides and pesticides are under fire for the many risks associated with spraying these chemicals in the environment and ingestion of food grown with these chemicals (e.g. birth defects, lowered... Read More »

What if there were no pesticides?

Life would certainly be very different. Without DDT in previous wars, we would have possibly seen very different outcomes. Far fewer humans would be alive today because malaria and other very nasty... Read More »