What are some of the themes in 'Persuasion'?

Answer Some themes in Persuasion, Jane Austen include:Love vs. marriage i.e should you marry for love as Anne does, or for security and wealth as Mary does?Old Generation vs. New generation-Old includes S... Read More »

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How to Supercharge Your Message With Persuasion?

More persuasive than a plateful of cookies, and more healthy, too! Whether you're persuading somebody to stay on a healthful path, invest in your services, or see your point of view, these Speak St... Read More »

How to Develop Powers of Persuasion?

Human being's are extremely complex creatures.The human brain exists in three parts:Neocortex - Thought (including planning, language, logic & will, awareness) Limbic System - Emotion (feelings, re... Read More »

Persuasion Essay Ideas?

The objective of a persuasion essay is to either propel readers to do something or convince them of the legitimacy of a value, belief or position. You can be more persuasive by supporting your argu... Read More »

Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation?

Persuasion and manipulation are both methods of convincing people to do something for you or change their thinking to match yours. However, they follow very different styles -- persuasion does so b... Read More »