Is there a difference in how other people perceive your kids and how you perceive them?

Answer Okay, ignoring my kids for a moment...All my best friends my whole life have always told me how "outgoing" I am. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Seriously, I don't know where they get that... Read More »

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What do the parent's perceive as their role in relation to the day care worker?

The egg makers, The egg creaters, And the egg conscrutcers

What part of the body allows us to perceive what is around us?

In what way could we make the parenting section feel more welcoming to those who don't perceive it that way?

Although I'm one that's been thrown in a heap to one side, I would like to say that there's some truth (I speak for myself only) to biased BA's when the lack of a true best answer exists. I've got ... Read More »

Why do we perceive the Sun as yellow?

On Earth, our eyes see the sun as yellow because of its temperature, light waves, Earth's atmosphere, and our eyes' photo receptors. Each factor influences the color of the Sun and how we interpret... Read More »