What is the definition of a pedigree chart?

Answer A pedigree chart is diagram showing the ancestry or lineage of a person or purebred animal. The chart will include the ancestry of maternal and paternal biological parents. Step-parents, adoptive p... Read More »

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What is a pedigree chart?

Geneticists use pedigree charts to show the genetic relationships between family members. By carefully studying a pedigree chart, a geneticist can reveal which of five mendelian inheritance pattern... Read More »

How to Cite Pedigree Charts?

Research often requires citing sources without an official publisher, author or date. In these situations, providing the available information is preferable to leaving out the citation. MLA, or the... Read More »

How to Check a Dog's Pedigree?

If you have a dog that is a purebred, or thinking about buying one, you may want to check its ancestry information, such as pictures of relatives, brothers and sisters, health issues or family name... Read More »

How to Read a Pedigree for an Arabian Horse?

When it comes to sporting animals, pedigree is vital. The pedigree of dogs is subject to strong scrutiny, and even more so for horses. Studying the lineage of a horse can lead to glory and riches a... Read More »