What is the definition of passive range of motion?

Answer Passive range of motion (PROM) is keeping an injured area active with the assistance of a doctor, personal trainer, physical therapist or someone who is capable of guiding a patient through exercis... Read More »

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Active and Passive Range-of-Motion Exercises?

Range-of-motion exercises keep joints mobile and increase flexibility in stiff joints. According to Healthline, the range of motion of a joint is influenced by the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and ... Read More »

How do I Do Range of Motion?

Range of motion describes your joints' ability to rotate in different directions. Having a full range of motion is important to prevent injuries during exercise or even during normal activities. Li... Read More »

How to Write the Correct Abbreviation for "Range of Motion"?

The term "range of motion" refers to the extent of movement one makes during a particular exercise or stretch. The range of motion is primarily limited by the body's flexibility. In general, the gr... Read More »

I don't have full range of motion in my shoulder?

It could be due to stiffness of the Glenohumeral ligament in your shoulder thats causing the limited mobility in your shoulder.