What Is a CCV Orifice on a Jeep Wrangler?

Answer The CCV, or crank case ventilation system is essential for proper engine operation as well as the life of the oil, oil seals and oil gaskets. The system removes gases, called "blow-by," which esca... Read More »

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What size is the hole in a propane orifice for a gas stove burner?

How to Change an Orifice Filter?

An orifice filter is a filter that inserts into an automobile air conditioning system between the liquid line and the orifice tube. The orifice tube is a component of most Ford and General Motors a... Read More »

Where is the orifice locating on gas dryers?

why take about 1min & 30sec to get burn between igniter & gas work, burn about 30sec then going off another 1min & 30sec cooling down

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I think you should decorate with some soothing wall art, to help put your pennish patients at ease. something along the lines of this would be perfect!…htt... Read More »