What is primary narcissism?

Answer "Primary narcissism" is a term in developmental psychology that refers both to a human being's natural desire to care for himself and also to a specific stage in a child's psychological development... Read More »

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Is narcissism misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder or autism?

AnswerThe manic phase of Bipolar I Disorder is often misdiagnosed as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).Bipolar patients in the manic phase exhibit many of the signs and symptoms of pathologic... Read More »

How do you expose narcissism in court during a custody battle?

AnswerYou don't.For fit, loving, non-offending mothers in Virginia, learning to lie is key. Repeat after me, "He's a fine person, a good man, and a wonderful father." Write it in your interrogatori... Read More »

Is there a correlation between adopted persons and narcissism?

AnswerYes! Narcissism is the result of inadequate, chaotic or inconsistent "mirroring" in early life. "Mirroring" means: the many times every day when a stable consistent adult caregiver notices ho... Read More »

What is the difference between high definition and very high definition tv?

High definition television is defined by the HDTV standards of 1080 line and 720 line images. Any image format that uses these line counts is regarded as HD. 1080i (interlaced image) and 1080p (pro... Read More »