What does the word naive mean?

Answer The term "naive" means simple, ignorant and/or not sophisticated. Often people use it when they are referring to a child or someone with childish characteristics. As a result, an adult who uses the... Read More »

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What's the most naive thing a person who isn't a parent has said to you?

nappies are easy to change..... not when you have a squirming 10.5mos old who would rather be bouncing on his zebra trying to wriggle away from you and you have poo smeared over your arm, and his l... Read More »

Naive (and stupid) sex questions for girls?

Hey, young man...good question.Some people think about to destroy playboy, penthouse, x-rated companies later to save the women and girls.

How to Calculate the Weather Forecast Using Naive Forecasting?

Most TV weather programs make forecasts using Numerical Weather Prediction, which uses computers to generate probable scenarios based on variables such as temperature, pressure and wind. A much sim... Read More »

I work with two naive suburban women. They think honking their horn at people on the road is ok. Thoughts?

You have warned them. Now shut up! Ignore them....Until you can smile and say "I told you!"