What is the definition of mood in an english class?

Answer The word "mood" has two different meanings for English students. Mood can be a term used in literary criticism or creative writing. It is also a special verb category of grammar.Literary Significan... Read More »

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What do you class as a Full English Breakfast?

Not Hash Browns - they're American, substitute potato scones and add mushrooms, so for me it would be Bacon, Egg, Sausage, Black Pudding, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Potato Scones, Toast and Marmalade and... Read More »

What Are the Literary Elements for English Class?

When called upon to express your opinion about a novel or poem in literature class, odds are you know what to say. You can easily answer you don't think a certain character is realistic or you find... Read More »

What Are English Class Writing Guidelines?

Assignment sheets, textbooks, a syllabus and supplemental materials often make college-writing classes daunting. There are just so many places to get information when you're writing a paper. Howeve... Read More »

What Are Standard Literary Forms for English Class?

Literature has evolved into a variety of recognizable forms. English classes devote time to understanding the nuances of these forms. Literary history studies the genesis of forms and why some have... Read More »