What Molecules Enter the Krebs Cycle & What Molecules Leave the Krebs Cycle?

Answer Glucose is broken down into useable energy during the process of cellular respiration. The Krebs cycle is the second of three main steps that comprise cellular respiration in the presence of oxygen... Read More »

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How many molecules are in 85 g of O2?

The number of moles in 85 g of oxygen gas (O2) is 2.66 (85 g divided by O2's molecular weight of 32 grams per mole). Multiply by 6.02 E 23 molecules per mole to get 16 E 23 molecules.References:Los... Read More »

Different Organic Molecules?

Carbon atoms form the backbone of every organic compound. Hydrogen atoms regularly attach themselves to the carbon skeleton. Such atoms as oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur may also unite with carbon and... Read More »

How many organic molecules are there?

The simple answer is nobody knows the number of organic molecules. A more specific answer is there are tens of thousands identified, and scientists continuously discover new ones. There may be as m... Read More »

What Are Molecules Made Up of?

Since ancient times, man has wondered about the make-up of the world around him. Early philosophers postulated that matter was composed of various amounts of the "classical elements" -- earth, wate... Read More »