What makes cake moist?

Answer A dry cake isn't nearly as delicious as one that is perfectly mixed and moist. "Mouthfeel," literally the way a food feels in your mouth, plays a prominent role in whether you enjoy a particular fo... Read More »

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What Are the Treatments for Moist Desquamation After Radiation?

Many changes can occur to your body during and after radiation, including skin changes like moist desquamation, or the peeling off of skin in scales. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment together a... Read More »

What could I add to cupcake mix to make them more moist?

pudding . tha is what most boxed cake mixes add .

What is the best rich moist Chocolate Cake recipe ever?

Um... Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix. There's pudding in it for Pete's sake.Why are you trying to out-mom me?!!1!!

What is the flow of warm moist ocean air into South Asia known as?

The warm ocean air that gathers above the sea and flows north across South Asia is called the Asian Monsoon. The Asian Monsoon begins in late May and shifts back from moist to dry air around the en... Read More »