The Definition of Mezzanine Capital?

Answer Existing companies that want to expand their operations may turn to mezzanine financing to help fund their expansion. According to Investopedia, an online knowledge base for investors, mezzanine fi... Read More »

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Mezzanine Level Definition?

A "mezzanine" is a level in a building that is between two storeys. In particular, the term refers to the higher area of a split-level ground floor. A low balcony in a theatre or stadium is also of... Read More »

Definition of a Mezzanine Loan?

Mezzanine loans are a risky but potentially high-yield way for lenders to provide capital to established developers and business owners. For borrowers, the loans provide a source of capital for new... Read More »

What is mezzanine capital?

Mezzanine capital is long-term risk capital that has characteristics of a loan and equity in the company but has a low priority to be paid back by the company in comparison to its other debts. The... Read More »

What is mezzanine floor?

The mezzanine is the lowest balcony in a theater.