What is the definition of a function table in math?

Answer Function tables represent pairs of numbers that follow a certain rule, or function. Functions are often expressed as equations that include two variables, as in x+3=y. A function table for x+3=y wo... Read More »

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What does"mean"in math language mean?

Mean is an average in math. To determine the mean, you would add up all the numbers and divide your answer by the total amount of numbers you used. Other common averages in math are the median and ... Read More »

What does geo mean in math?

Geo is a prefix of the mathematics term geometry. Geo itself means "earth" and when added to the suffix "metry" it is a word that means "measuring." Geometry is the study of angles, lines and point... Read More »

What does e mean in math?

Math uses the letter "e" in certain exponential and logarithmic equations. It is a specific irrational number that can be rounded to approximately 2.71828. This natural exponent has numerous real l... Read More »

What does net mean in math?

A net in geometry is a two-dimensional representation of the surface area of a three-dimensional shape. The two-dimensional shapes, or polygons, of the net all share at least one edge. Cutting a ne... Read More »