The Definition of Unlike Denominators in Math?

Answer Fractions express parts of a whole and are written as such: 1/2 and 1/4. A fraction includes a numerator, which is the top number. The numerator shows how many parts are represented in the fraction... Read More »

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The Definition of Theoretical Probabilities in Math?

Theoretical probabilities refer to the probability or chance that a certain event or outcome will happen. When the value of probability (a numerical measure that can be expressed in decimal, fracti... Read More »

The Definition of Opposite Angles in Math?

Euclid's Elements has formed the cornerstone of geometry for twenty-four centuries. Contrary to some popular misconception, Euclid did not develop these ideas himself, but he organized and presente... Read More »

Math Definition of Rotations for Kids?

A geometric figure is a set of points on a flat, two-dimensional surface (plane), or in space. A plane has no thickness, and extends to infinity in all directions, even though we can't see it. Exam... Read More »

What is the definition of a function table in math?

Function tables represent pairs of numbers that follow a certain rule, or function. Functions are often expressed as equations that include two variables, as in x+3=y. A function table for x+3=y wo... Read More »