Help... my lover asked "Am I pregnant". What do I do first?

Answer Apparently you fooled Jili, but you didn't fool me.This AC'd into Family & Relationships > Singles & Dating Non-autocatted pregnant questions fail miserably.0.0.

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What to get a Justin Bieber lover for her thirteenth birthday?

Get a pretty piece of construction paper. Write Life in pretty lettering. Wrap it up and give it to her. Congratulate yourself for giving her a life.

Other than E.D. & premature ejaculation, what are some things that you think make a man a bad lover?

SellfishBrush them teeth...Unclean....unshowered Having a hang nail/ un cut finger nails can be an "ouchy" for women It shouldn't look like castro with a sausage in his's 2010 not 1910...... Read More »

How to Be a Sloth Lover?

Peek-a-boo!Sloths are extremely popular these days. Sloths are great animals to represent Malia, today. Many people claim that Malia is lazy, and she sleeps a lot. (Well, in comparison to the a lon... Read More »

How to Be a Lover, Not a Fighter?

Love is more powerful than a fist.Are you always fighting and you feel that it's not going anywhere with just fighting? Do you want to love more than just hating? Read this article, then!