What is the definition of local ecotourism?

Answer Local ecotourism is a community-based approach to promoting nature conservation within one's region by planning for and educating tourists. Ecotourism is particularly important in remote regions th... Read More »

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Local Advertising Definition?

Companies who wish to advertise on TV may reach a targeted audience through local advertising. With local advertising, the company will air their commercials exclusively in a specific market.

What is the definition of local exhaust ventilation?

Local exhaust ventilation is a form of engineering control that encloses the material, equipment or process as much as possible and ensures that air flow is into the enclosure at necessary rates.Re... Read More »

What transponder does dish network use for local channels in high definition in Lexington kentucky area?

I am a Dish Network Installed In California and I made about 50,000 last year. I have to say Dish takes care of us!!

What does ecotourism mean?

According to U.S. Aid, ecotourism is travel that allows tourists to visit undisturbed natural areas to observe and interact with unique scenery, plants, animals and indigenous cultures. Ecotourism ... Read More »