What is the definition of libido?

Answer Sigmund Freud labeled the word libido to mean sexual drive or desire. According to Discovery Health, Freud noted that the sexual drive is characterized by a gradual buildup to a peak of intensity, ... Read More »

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What is libido?

When people think libido, sex normally comes to mind. However, the term libido has a deeper meaning attached to it. It's not simply a "sex word," but a psychology word that has depth and multiple s... Read More »

What are the Causes of Loss of Libido?

Loss of libido is a common problem for men and women. Libido can decrease because of lifestyle, physical and mental health, age and medications.LifestylePoor nutrition, sedentary habits, fatigue, s... Read More »

What is altered libido?

Altered libido means a change in sexual desire. It may mean that the person loses his or her sex drive or, conversely, that a person becomes super-sexually charged and needs or desires sex more oft... Read More »

Is low libido a disorder?

On One Hand: It's A DisorderLow libido is a recognized medical condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 40 percent of women will experience lo... Read More »