What Are the Duties of a Liaison Officer?

Answer A liaison officer is basically the "go-between" or "middle man" for two entities, whether those entities are the public and a corporation, or an incident and a group of people. Oftentimes a liaison... Read More »

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Physician Liaison Job Description?

To effectively serve the needs of patients and medical professionals, referrals are needed to address specific medical conditions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. A physician liaison prov... Read More »

Parent Liaison Duties?

Parent liaisons work in schools to support educational and community-outreach services and provide information to parents of students. A liaison typically holds at least a high school diploma or it... Read More »

Resposibilities of a liaison officer in an ngo?

During the Viet War a liaison officer might be assigned to any grunt, tank, or artillery unit. The liaison officer could be an Air Force, Naval, Marine, Artillery officer (or sometimes NCO). Normal... Read More »

Liaison Nurse Job Description?

A liaison nurse, or nurse liaison, is a position that requires a diverse skill set and is often found in rehabilitation, hospice care, assisted living and post-acute medical care centers. From the ... Read More »