What Jobs Are Available With a Leisure Services Degree?

Answer The leisure service industry is very varied, incorporating tourism, travel, parks, recreation and community-based activities. A leisure services degree equips graduates with the skills to work in a... Read More »

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What does one wear on a hot first date when the lime green polyester leisure suit is at the dry cleaner?

Primark are doing a version of that Lady Gaga meat frock just now.Accessorise with tartan wellingtons and a duck sitting on your head.

After he died, my uncle left me his collection of 70's leisure suits, what color should I wear to a funeral?

it depends on if the plaid is orange green and pink plaid. If it is, that is hot and again, please bring the pots...ugh I mean pots---you understand Marla-speak.

Leisure Activities for the Blind?

In a 2005 Americans with Disabilities report, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 1.8 million Americans were blind. Each year, an estimated 75,000 more people in the United States become blind or... Read More »

Recreation and Leisure Activities for the Elderly?

Seniors need to stay active, both physically and mentally, long after the point where they are going to work every day and raising a family. Senior centers can offer a place for the elderly to purs... Read More »