What is a legend on a topographical map?

Answer On a topographical map, a legend is an area where all of the symbols used on the map are shown, along with their meanings. The legend helps users interpret the features on the topographical map, su... Read More »

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What is the legend of the rainstick?

The rainstick is a musical instrument popular among native peoples in South and Central America. According to legend, it has the ability to move the spirits to send much-needed rain.The DiaguitaAcc... Read More »

What is the legend of the gingerbread man?

"The Gingerbread Man" is a popular, traditional fairy tale. The story features a gingerbread man who comes to life and runs away.StoryThe story begins with an old woman baking a gingerbread man. Wh... Read More »

What size is the carnival legend?

The Carnival Legend is a midsize cruise ship. The gross tonnage of the Carnival Legend is about 88,500 metric tons. The ship has 12 decks and 1,062 cabins and a total capacity of 2,124. The ship is... Read More »

What is legend of the seeker based on?

it was based on a series of novelds by terry goodkind, the series was called the "sword of truth" and was awesome. spans about 11 books with a prequel book called debt of bones. the first book in t... Read More »