Different Levels of Larceny?

Answer The term "larceny" refers to a non-violent act in which an unauthorized individual takes and removes another individual's tangible personal property for the purpose of permanently depriving the own... Read More »

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The Difference Between Embezzlement and Grand Larceny?

Many stories about white collar crime appear on the news, but many people don't have a full understanding of what exactly this activity entails. Embezzlement and grand larceny remain two of the mos... Read More »

What is the dollar amount to be considered misdemeanor larceny?

The dollar amount to be considered a misdemeanor larceny differs from state to state. Many states consider any amount stolen that is less than $500 misdemeanor larceny. Misdemeanor larceny also cal... Read More »

Can you be charged with larceny for not returning rental furniture?

Since larceny is defined as the removal of property without the owner's consent, you can theoretically be charged with larceny for not taking back rental furniture. This is because even though you... Read More »

The Statute of Limitations for Petty Larceny in Oklahoma?

Section 22-152v1 of the Oklahoma state statutes covers statutes of limitations in criminal matters. The statute dictates that the statute of limitations for any misdemeanor is three years. Certain ... Read More »