What is a Kindred synopsis?

Answer "Kindred" is a book by Octavia Butler. A synopsis is a brief description of the characters, setting and plot in a book. In "Kindred," a young woman from 1976 is transported back to 1800s Maryland t... Read More »

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What is a kindred soul?

A kindred soul is also called a kindred spirit. This person shares your values, beliefs, feelings and attitudes. In one sense, we are all kindred souls because we are all human, and as such, experi... Read More »

What does the term kindred spirit mean?

Kindred means that something is of the same family or is of a like nature or character. "Kindred spirits" means that two people have a shared experience or are linked in a more spiritual or unexpla... Read More »

Where are Kindred sinks made?

Kindred sinks are made in Canada. The company has since merged with Franke, a Swiss company, to become Franke Kindred, with sink manufacturing remaining in Canada. The North American division of Fr... Read More »

What is the overall effect of time travel in the novel kindred?

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