What is the definition of ischemic colitis?

Answer Ischemic colitis is a condition marked by inflammation in the colon and is commonly due to decreased or inadequate blood flow to the colon. In severe cases and without adequate treatment, ischemic ... Read More »

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How serious is small vessel ischemic disease?

On One Hand: Ischemia Can Kill You Within DaysDepending on which small vessels it involves, ischemia (inadequate blood flow to an organ or tissue) can threaten your life. In the brain, for example,... Read More »

Is small vessel ischemic disease dangerous?

On One Hand: The Disease Is CommonWhite matter abnormalities in the brain caused by small vessel ischemic disease are common in healthy elderly individuals. Deficits caused by small vessel ischemic... Read More »

Can an unhealed knee injury lead to a transient ischemic attack?

Bilateral frontal lobe subcortical white matter showing evidence of small vessel ischemic changes?

These MRI findings are often consistent with chronic history of high blood pressure, sometimes diabetes, sometimes small strokes, sometimes non specific findings that mean nothing. They are often ... Read More »