What does invasive plants&animals mean?

Answer An invasive species is a species that is not native to an ecosystem. The introduction of an invasive species is likely to cause harm to the ecosystem, the environment, human health or economic inte... Read More »

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What will kill the invasive cat's claw vine?

AnswerThe only way I know is to actually take to root ball out that lingers below where the vine enters the soil. I have success,by cutting the climbing vine,and immediatley applying a roundup typ... Read More »

What's a non-invasive way to deal with what is probably a pinched nerve?

It does sound like a pinched nerve, with even the possibility of a dislocated rib high up behind your shoulder blade. Gentle Yoga stretches can help. Ice packs, 20minutes on per hour will help with... Read More »

What are the best ways to control the spread of invasive plants so they do not become weeds?

AnswerWhen buying plants everyone makes mistakes and even the avid gardeners. A great garden is well planned, but sometimes we see something we like and don't think of it taking over the whole gard... Read More »

Gardeners- What worries you more, invasive exotic species from around the world or genetically modified plants?

Invasive species. Plants and the herbivores that feed on them have co-evolved for millenia, and there's a delicate balance between the organism and the organisms that control its spread within the... Read More »