Is English Ivy Invasive?

Answer English ivy is an evergreen climbing plant that, left to its own devices, can crowd out native plants. As an invasive vine, this plant climbs up trees growing in woodlands in search of more light a... Read More »

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Are fig trees invasive?

On One Hand: Most States Approve Fig TreesIn most regions of the United States, the edible fig, (ficus carica) and the laurel fig, (ficus microcarpa) are not classified by state or federal authorit... Read More »

Is lupine invasive?

Lupine is an invasive plant when grown under the right conditions. It commonly escapes gardens by spreading roots or self-seeding. Plant lupine in containers and pick off the dying flowers before s... Read More »

Where do invasive plants come from?

AnswerOther countries than the native plants. other areas to the area in which they are growing, for example Acacia saligna is native to Western Australia, but it is an invasive weed on the east c... Read More »

Are mimosa trees invasive?

Mimosa trees are considered an invasive species due to their hardiness and ability to thrive in a wide variety of climates. They are especially prevalent in the Southeast. Florida's Exotic Pest Pla... Read More »