Whats more intense p90x 2 or insanity or insanity the asylum?

Answer Insanity the asylum volume 2, its intense agility and speed training, also if following the diet will get you shredded

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Should I try Insanity workout?

I think you should try it because it is insane. I'm not really the one to be giving advice on fitness, but I have done insanity before and it was crazy. It made me sooooooo sore!! I know people wh... Read More »

Injury while doing Insanity?

you should start out slow before going to the extreme stuff you don't wanna injure yourself before you get any results if you just started working out then that could be the reason you injured your... Read More »

Tapout XT or Insanity?

I have completed TapouT XT twice and am now of day 8 of TapouT XT 2! Honestly I love the program! It is so easy to pack up and take with you anywhere and it is so nice that everything comes in the ... Read More »


It costs $145 dollars including shipping and it is a good program. If you don't follow the diet plan the results are slower but if you do follow the diet plan you should get fast results.