What is the definition of infant mortalitly?

Answer Black stool may be caused by food or a viral infection. However, if the color persists, it could indicate a bleed in the upper GI track and should be checked by a doctor.

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Definition of Growth failure in infant with cystic fibrosis?

Not in the front but middle area so if any accident occur the child will not get much damage

What age is an infant no longer an infant?

Upon reaching the age of one or beginning to walk, infants are referred to as "toddlers" (generally 12-36 months).

As an infant receives her first dose of oral polio vaccine the nurse explains to her parents that the vaccine is a preparation of weakened virus What type of immunity will the infant develop?

The infant will develop artificially acquired active immunity

Can polio immunisation in a prematurely born infant cause the infant to be unable to walk?