How to Take out Foes on Infamous 2?

Answer InFamous 2 is a fun game to play and watch which revolves around a man called Cole who can control electricity. You have to decide whether to be a good guy or a bad guy. In this tutorial I'll show ... Read More »

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How to Play inFAMOUS 2?

inFAMOUS 2 is a video game developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and is the sequel to inFAMOUS, a popular game released in 2009. The main character has electric superpowers, which can be use... Read More »

How to Use Gigawatt Blades in Infamous?

InFamous is a Playstation 3 video game where the player takes the role of Cole, a man with strange electrical powers. The game allows players to choose whether Cole uses his powers for good or for ... Read More »

How to Use the Word Infamous in a Sentence?

One of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's most famous speeches included the phrase "a day which will live in infamy," describing the attacks on Pearl Harbor. The attacks were described as horrific and hav... Read More »

How to Get Quick Money in the Infamous Gangsters Game?

Infamous Gangsters is an online game where you start as a hobo and work your way up through the criminal world. One factor in the game is money: To get to bigger levels and jobs, you need money, an... Read More »