Can you file taxes as an independent if your W-4 does not have you as an independent?

Answer Yes. An employer uses the Form W-4 information to calculate federal tax withholdings on an employee's paychecks, but a person can still elect the personal exemption on a tax return as long as no on... Read More »

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What is the difference between an independent insurance agency and an independent insurance agent?

Four-wheel Independent Suspension vs. Front Independent Suspension?

The debate between solid rear axle -- independent front suspension and independent rear, four-wheel independent suspension -- is nearly as old as the car itself, and it's only gotten hotter over th... Read More »

Is brand name paint sold at Wal-Mart have the same ingredients as brand name sold in independent stores Or do they change the ingredients for independent stores?

it really isn't a matter of what the majority of people say is a good job to have, but instead what it is you personally enjoy to do.

How to Be Independent?

Are you someone who you think is a little too dependent? Well, you can become independent. Independence is when you don't need as much help from others. There are many benefits from being independe... Read More »