What Is a Motion to Incur Debt?

Answer Non-bankruptcy trustees, executors and receivers can file for a motion to incur debt while acting as a fiduciary. However, motions to incur debt are most often filed by bankruptcy trustees or bankr... Read More »

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What damage can the mother incur from breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is the act of allowing a baby to suckle at the breast to drink the mother's milk. In the process, unaccustomed to the vigorous pull and tug of the infant's suck, the nipples may becom... Read More »

If you get a huge 4-year-old above-ground pool from your neighbor what costs can you expect to incur to set it back up and what will have to be replaced?

Answer I was given an 18 ft round 4 1/2 ft. deep pool. You will need to replace the liner if not it can cause the pool to collaspe do to liner shrinkage. Check to see how much wiring you will nee... Read More »

Do you incur property taxes if you transfer a deed?

When a deed transfer is filed properly, the person whom the deed was transferred to becomes responsible for property taxes. The person transferring the deed does not incur any property taxes. A qu... Read More »

Are Minors Responsible for Debts They Incur?

On One Hand: Contract VoidDebts incurred through contract by a minor do not hold in court because most states do not hold minors legally capable of a binding contract, says Credit This g... Read More »