How to Throw an Impromptu Party?

Answer Sometimes when you plan to have a small get together at your home, the guest list can quickly become multiplied. Before you know it, you have an impromptu party on your hands and you may feel like ... Read More »

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Impromptu Speech Topics?

An impromptu speech topics means giving a speech right off the top of one's head where almost no preparation time exists. Speakers usually must give this type of speech from memory and use the brai... Read More »

How to Write an Impromptu Speech?

Impromptu speeches are some of the hardest to prepare and give, particularly since you generally have little or no time to write a speech or even an outline. Teachers often create assignments that ... Read More »

How to Host an Impromptu After Party?

Happy Hour is over at midnight and your place is the suggested location for your group to continue the evening of fun and to "straighten up" before hitting the road all the way home. This could be ... Read More »

How to Write an Impromptu Speech in Forensics?

If you are in high school or college forensics, most likely at one time or another you will be entered into Impromptu Speaking. If you are given confusing information, impromptu speaking is dauntin... Read More »