Is humid air more dense?

Answer Humid air is not more dense than dry air. Moisture plays a role in the density of air. According to the Engineering Toolbox, the moisture contained in humid air decreases its density; therefore, dr... Read More »

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Why Does Hair Get Frizzy When it Is Humid Outside?

Ask women, especially those in hot and heavy climates, what their most annoying hair issue is and frizziness will be the most common answer. We all know what frizziness looks like. Formerly smooth,... Read More »

What is the best food to eat in a hot or humid climate?

Is Glendale, CA a humid place?

Nope. The weather is dry whenever it's hot.It's rare when it's humid so practucally never humid.The humid states are closer to middle America so you have nothing to worry about :)

How to Get Bouncy Curls Even When It's Humid?

Humidity can wreak havoc on hair; it causes hair cuticles to expand, which results in frizzy, puffy, hard-to-manage tresses. It's a frustrating scenario when you spent hours styling your hair for a... Read More »