What is the best food to eat in a hot or humid climate?

Answer Watermelon

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What Are the Economic Uses of the Humid Subtropics?

The warm climate of humid subtropics results in a long growing season for agricultural and industrial crops. The high agricultural production of the humid subtropics has allowed many large cities t... Read More »

What Reptiles Live in the Humid Subtropical Climate?

The humid subtropical climate features temperatures between 32 and 64.5 degrees Fahrenheit during the cold months, and above 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the warmest months. It is found in areas bet... Read More »

Is Glendale, CA a humid place?

Nope. The weather is dry whenever it's hot.It's rare when it's humid so practucally never humid.The humid states are closer to middle America so you have nothing to worry about :)

How humid is the Florida panhandle?

Humidity is always a force in the Florida panhandle. In summer the humidity varies between 62 percent and 80 percent, occasionally rising even higher. In Pensacola, for example, humidity hovers bet... Read More »