Do the Pararescue teams have specific squadrons for humanitarian needs or do ALL of the men do humanitarian?

Answer There are no specific squadrons for humanitarian missions. The units that are deployed for humanitarian missions are determined by who is available, which of those units has the resources and capab... Read More »

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What are missions on terror to bring humanitarian aid to other countries called?

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How to Be a Humanitarian?

Being humanitarian does not necessarily involve getting on the next plane to a third world country, hugging children, and perpetuating the typical Western “do-gooder” stereotype. In fact, human... Read More »

Degrees in Humanitarian Law?

Humanitarian law focuses on the laws of armed conflict and war and its effect. Over 150 law schools in America are accredited by the American Bar Association. At least a dozen offer courses in huma... Read More »

Humanitarian Intervention Ideas in Action?

When genocide or other atrocities are taking place in another country, governments of other nations may feel compelled to enter the situation with their respective military forces, with a goal of p... Read More »