What is the origin of latch hooking?

Answer Latch hooking rugs is a modern adaptation of American Primitive rug hooking that had been employed since the mid-1800's. Modern latch hooking caught on in the 1970's and 1980's with the advent of a... Read More »

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What to use for hooking up two antennas together?

We could get into "stacking" antennas, and there is a lot there that can be done to really improve your signal reception, but let's stick directly with you question.An antenna splitter is what you ... Read More »

What does hooking up mean to teenagers?

"Hooking up" is a loosely defined term that encompasses casual sexual activity that occurs between two people who are not involved in a committed relationship with one another. According to a surve... Read More »

What is rug hooking with yarn called?

Using colored yarn and a rug hook on a piece of canvas to make a picture or pattern is called latch hooking. Finished latch hook designs may be used as decorative wall hangings or small rugs. Onlin... Read More »

What do you do when hooking up a HDTV conversion box yeilds nothing?

The most likely problem is weak signal strength. You may need to upgrade your antenna system. Go to and use the "Choose an Antenna" option. Input your location information... Read More »