What is the definition of homeschooling?

Answer Homeschooling is an alternative type of education where parents teach their children at home rather than allow them to attend regular schools. Some parents educate their children at home because of... Read More »

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What is homeschooling accreditation?

Accreditation involves quality control of educational materials and can impact availability to homeschoolers of later educational options such as college choices. Each homeschooling family must con... Read More »

What do I do to start homeschooling my child?

Some parents have seen their children struggling in the mainstream school system. Others have religious or life beliefs that make homeschooling the logical option. Yet others believe that homeschoo... Read More »

What Are the Negative Aspects of Homeschooling?

Home schooling is becoming more mainstream in the United States as an alternative to traditional education. Parents choose to home-school their children to give them a more personalized education, ... Read More »

What Subjects Are Needed for Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is an adventure that many parents are taking with their children for many reasons. For some it is a religious decision based on a desire to pass on the values of the parents. For othe... Read More »