What is the definition of homeopathic medicine?

Answer Based upon the principal "like cures like," homeopathy theorizes that tiny amounts of a toxic substance can act as an antidote to that substance. Conversely, medications that mitigate symptoms of a... Read More »

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Homeopathic medicine vs. modern medicine?

Ummm .. well! I am for homeopathy .. it is much more advanced in terms of healing; homeopathic remedies can also be made from synthetic chemicals. I would advise homeopathy first as complimentary t... Read More »

Is there any Homeopathic medicine to get rid of mastabulation?

Homeopathic Semen humanum 6C - 10M. See:;…Good luck with that..-------EDIT: SoulDoctor, was your answer satire like mine? Because you forgot to specify ... Read More »

Can Homeopathic Medicine really help me grow?

* ADVICE FOR HEIGHTGood intake of calcium daily as found in various foodstuffs like tonned milk, banana, ragi, nachni, yogurt, my favourite nachos with cheese..a best way i cud advice is to have mi... Read More »

Dog Seizures & Homeopathic Medicine?

A seizure can be a very frightening thing for both the dog experiencing it and the owner. Seizures can be treated in a variety of ways. These include safe, modern medications that can be prescribed... Read More »