What is the definition of holistic medicine?

Answer Holistic medicine is an alternative approach that takes into account a person as a whole, rather than the individual disease that may be affecting the person. It often implements therapies and pers... Read More »

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How to Take An Holistic Approach in Medicine?

Healing the body via mind, spirit, and body is a holistic approach to medicine. Here is how to approach medicine holistically.

Does holistic medicine work on dogs?

On One Hand: Holistic Medicine for Dogs Sometimes WorksHolistic or alternative medicine works in similar ways for dogs as it works for humans. Generally, holistic medicine treats the whole body, no... Read More »

Are skeppies just some wierd cult that wants to deny that holistic medicine works better than the usual?

lool Skeppies, pharmaceutical companies are in bed with the government. Any research can be slanted, faked. You seem totally clueless what a corrupt world we live in. You can take a site like earth... Read More »

What is the definition of homeopathic medicine?

Based upon the principal "like cures like," homeopathy theorizes that tiny amounts of a toxic substance can act as an antidote to that substance. Conversely, medications that mitigate symptoms of a... Read More »