What is a skin graft?

Answer A skin graft, also called skin transplant, refers to the surgical procedure of taking skin from one area of the body and attaching it to another part of the body. The reason doctors perform skin gr... Read More »

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What is the best way to graft a sunflower?

Fractured stems of many plants can be healed if you realign the stems, and hold them firmly in place. I use an adhesive tape when I'm grafting, and this helps keep out infection etc.If you can ad... Read More »

What is the prognosis for graft-vs.-host disease?

Somehow the grafted cells develop a tolerance to their new home after six to 12 months, and the medications can be gradually withdrawn

What does it mean to graft something?

With plants, it means to grow a different plant on a root. By making some cuts of the right kind you can graft an orange branch onto a lemon tree, so that one part of the tree produces lemons and a... Read More »

What Is a Jackson-Pratt Skin Graft?

Jackson-Pratt does not refer to a type of skin graft; rather, it is the brand name for a medical device that surgeons use to drain fluids from patients after many types of surgery, including certai... Read More »