What is relationship of hip hop to ghetto and ghetto language?

Answer If you want to learn about hip hop slang, Big L breaks it down in the song "Ebonics".

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In African-American history, what is ghetto realism?

Ghetto realism is the representation in art and literature of people, objects or social conditions as they actually exist in a ghetto environment, without idealizing the various aspects of life in ... Read More »

What do girls like more , preppy , ghetto or punk on guys?

depends on which type of girls your talking bout...and all girls have different tastes so there isnt any one favorite....

What is the name of the holocaust ghetto where Elie Wiesel stayed in Poland?

Elie Wiesel did not stay in a Polish ghetto. He stayed in the Sighet ghetto in his hometown of Sighet in what is now Romania. Wiesel was actually born in Sighet. He was later was moved to Auschwitz... Read More »

When money's been tight, what ghetto food creations have you created in your time of need?

It was more of a time thing but I once threw together Tabatchnik vegetarian chili, can of alphabet soup and put it into a frozen pie crust and baked it. I don't know the temp.... whatever temp I wa... Read More »