What is the definition of forensic pathology?

Answer Forensic pathology is a specialty within the branch of medicine known as pathology, which studies disease. Forensic pathology studies the cause of death.Science of ForensicsForensics refers to the ... Read More »

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When was forensic pathology first used?

There is no record of when forensic pathology was first used, but the field's origin is traced to a book published in China in 1248 called the "Hsi Duan Yu," which means the washing away of wrongs,... Read More »

History of Forensic Pathology?

Among other duties, forensic pathologists perform autopsies on bodies to determine cause of death. Forensic pathology is a branch of forensic science that can be traced back as far as 44 B.C., but ... Read More »

Who invented forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology was born rather conspicuously, in 44 B.C., after the assassination of Julius Caesar. For the trial, a Roman physician, Antistius, had examined the cadaver and managed to pinpoint... Read More »

Forensic Pathology Training?

When people die under unknown or suspicious circumstances, their bodies yield clues about the cause, manner and time of death. Stabbings, gunshots, burns, strangulation, rapes and blunt force traum... Read More »