What part of a floating point number is actually doing the floating?

Answer The decimal is the part of a floating point number that does the "floating." The name "floating point number" is derived from the fact that there isn't a fixed number of digits before or after the ... Read More »

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Why is my TV floating in the air?

You're going to need an old priest and a young priest.- 17R3W

Do-It-Yourself: Floating Dock?

A floating dock makes a good addition to any waterfront property. Whether for swimming, boating, fishing or just catching some sun, a floating dock is an easy project that will provide hours. ... Read More »

How to Make It Look Like Something Is Floating?

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DIY Floating Floor?

A "floating'' floor is one in which the floorboards aren't attached to the subfloor or walls in any way. Instead, the boards just connect to one another, like puzzle pieces, forming a solid plane t... Read More »