What is the definition of fiber optic cable?

Answer A fiber optic cable is cable that is comprised of glass or plastic threads that are capable of carrying light. Data is sent over the cable through the use of a laser transmitter that encodes frequ... Read More »

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What is the size of a fiber optic cable?

In 2010, fiber optic cables are typically 125 microns (0.005 inches) in diameter. Single-mode cables have an 8.5 micron (0.003 inch) core, while multi-mode cables have a 62.5 micron (0.002 inch) co... Read More »

What is fiber optic cable made of?

A fiber optic cable is made of glass fiber strands that have been insulated. The cable is made up of the core that serves as the signal passageway, the cladding that keeps the light inside the core... Read More »

What is the definition of fiber optic?

Fiber optic refers to thin, fiber-like cable that transmits light signals. A fiber optic cable carries signals in the form of light better than any other medium. The applications of fiber optics in... Read More »

Can DSL run through fiber-optic cable?

A digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet connection cannot run through fiber-optic cable because it is not capable of converting its data from analog to digital, and then back to analog.References:... Read More »