How to Be a Feminist?

Answer A feminist is someone who thinks that women deserve the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as men. Most people would say that they favor equality and gender rights. They believe that m... Read More »

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How to Be a Feminist As a Man?

You are a guy, and you've been convinced that the Feminist movement is something you want to be a part of. Congrats! Here is a pretty easy quick start guide to getting started as a feminist and an ... Read More »

How to Date As a Feminist?

Being a feminist doesn't mean being alone, it just means having a different set of values.

How to Be a Feminist Without Acting Sexist Against Men?

Feminism is mainly a concept espousing equality, but a few feminists have spearheaded a supremacist, matriarchist movement. These often speak louder than the rest, so you must be on your best behav... Read More »

How to Be a Feminist Without Displaying Your Victimhood Complex?

Feminism shouldn't be anti-men. It should be about addressing sexism against women without appearing like a perpetual victim. If you feel there are things women have bad, fine. Just stop pretending... Read More »