What is the definition of federal taxes?

Answer Federal income tax is defined as the national government collecting monies from its citizens to fund government projects and services.16th AmendmentThe 16th Amendment to the Constitution gives the ... Read More »

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Can You File State Income Taxes Before Federal Taxes?

Although you do not have to file your federal return first, many states' tax returns require information from your federal return. This means you will have to complete your federal return before yo... Read More »

What happens if you owe federal income taxes?

If you owe federal income taxes you must pay them promptly, or have additional sums assessed for interest and penalties. Those charges will keep mounting until you pay the tax and any other assessm... Read More »

What Is the Percentage of Federal Taxes in Alabama?

The Internal Revenue Service imposes federal taxes on all working citizens in the United States. However, each state may also impose a separate income tax on the working citizens that reside within... Read More »

What do I need to file my federal taxes?

Most individuals need to provide a W-2 or 1099 Form along with their federal income tax return. Homeowners need to provide a 1098 Form in order to deduct their mortgage interest.Source:Internal Rev... Read More »