What is the definition of fabricated beef cuts?

Answer To fabricate meat is to cut larger pieces of meat into smaller pieces. Subprimal cuts are taken from primal cuts, which are the first major cuts taken after butchered beef is quartered. Retail fabr... Read More »

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What type of beef cuts are there?

Steak, brisket, tenderloin and ribs: while each comes from the cow, the area of the animal determines the cut. Most of the cow is used for beef.Chuck/Shank and BrisketThe chuck cut is nearest to th... Read More »

How to Understand Cuts of Beef?

Beef, according to the USDA, comes from cattle that are considered full grown and are approximately 2 years old. These cattle generally yield 450 lbs of meat for human consumption coming from diffe... Read More »

How to Prepare and Serve Different Cuts of Beef?

Different cuts of beef have different fat content, bone density and other characteristics that demand different cooking techniques. Read this article to learn more about the distinct cuts of beef a... Read More »

What is the very cheapest cut of beef money can buy i live in the uk / america has diffrent names for the cuts?

Skirt is a winner, but it is hard to find in some areas.Featherblade is superb, but again difficult to get hold of.Take a look at this for ideas. Find a good traditional butcher if you possibly can... Read More »