How to Factor out an Exponent?

Answer An exponent tells the number of times by which the number should be multiplied by itself. The exponent is written in superscript to the upper right of the original number. Exponents are common in m... Read More »

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How to Remove X From an Exponent?

Math is symbolic. It is abstract in the way that all languages are abstract, using conventions to refer to ideas that exist in the mind. An exponential term is just such a convention. Writing "7^x"... Read More »

How to Write in an Exponent?

An exponent is a short way to write a mathematical problem that multiplies the same number by itself a specific number of times. Rather than writing each repeated number in a math problem, an expon... Read More »

How do I Calculate an Exponent Using an HP 12C?

The HP 12c financial calculator allows accountants to quickly make complex calculations, such as the time value of money problems. The keys on a financial calculator differ from those on a scientif... Read More »

How to Eliminate an Exponent?

To eliminate any number in math, you must perform the opposite function. The opposite of any exponential operation is to raise the number either to the reciprocal power or take the number to the ro... Read More »