What is the epic of gilgamesh?

Answer AnswerA poem and among the earth's earliest literary works portraying a mythological Sumerian King from about the 3rd millennium BCE filled with the stories of Spirits, monsters and gods.

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What are the six traits of an epic hero?

What is the poem of The Epic of Gilgamesh?

It is a story about a bull thing named Gilgamesh, he ruled over the city Uruk, where people did not like him very much. Thats all I know so far! Hope it helps. Just search on any website and you sh... Read More »

What is the lyrics to the epic of gilgamesh?

When you will study Mahabharat you will understand Gilgamesh well-gframesch.__________________The Epic of Gilgamesh is written as poetry that was probably originally intended to be sung as court en... Read More »

What are the examples of an epic story?

Les Miserables, Dracula, and Robinson Crusoe. ___ It is the work itself, not the story, that is epic. An epic in literature is painted as it were on a vast canvas with larger than life heroes and ... Read More »