Can anyone enlighten me on this, please

Answer i think this was a subsidiary supplier. amazon works as a clearing house for different shops that advertize through them. i think you got a private seller that is not too organized.

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Does anyone know how to snapshot on lg enlighten?

Being Verizon uses the lg enlighten, you might try going to their site for self help on the unit.

Can anyone enlighten me about taking insulin,?

Hi - I have been in your position. Was on tablets, went onto insulin, now back on tablets - may soon go on a mixture of both.If you really do not have to go onto insulin injections - do not - pleas... Read More »

How can one lose teeth by throwing (vomiting) too much someone enlighten me?

Yes, the acid in the stomach is Hydrochloric acid and very corrosive. Through constantly throwing up the acid wears away the enamel and exposes the softer parts of the teeth, which wear away even m... Read More »

Can anybody enlighten me, Norton keeps picking up the below listed, as a threat from my daughter?

It's just Norton trying to trick you into buying the full version of their software. Don't fall for it, just uninstall it by going to Start / Control panel / Programs and features, and then right c... Read More »